Hello! We are CanTech Energy. We created Intensity Monitor because we think it is important to know how changes to processes affect energy and production. Nobody else gives you the whole picture in real time.

Because we believe... If you don't monitor it, you can't manage it!

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To begin saving.


Use Intensity Monitor to get updates during your entire production cycle every few minutes through continuous monitoring, measurement, and verification of energy, resources, and production


Receive customized alerts immediately whenever one step in your production cycle operates outside of its expected efficiency by producing less, or using more energy. "Subscribe" to Alerts in Intensity Monitor only from those processes which concern you the most.



Our proprietary mathematical functions utilize historical averaging and real time production to find equipment and processes that can be streamlined, therefore consuming fewer resources.

Before and After Effects

Make smart decisions using Intensity Monitor by creating milestone Events that track the before and after effect of improvements made to your production equipment, process, or facility. We can track all changes, such as energy efficiency measures or functional improvements.



Our team can come to you and apply our expert engineering knowledge and Six Sigma certification to your business and manufacturing processes, looking for inefficiencies.

Then, we can use Intensity Monitor to validate changes to the manufacturing process, ensuring you are maximizing resources to gain the most production.