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What it is, and what it can do for you.

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Continuous real time monitoring should not only tell you how much electricity, natural gas, or water you use. It should also show you how much production you get from the resources your facility is consuming. Intensity Monitor is a first-of-its-kind, patent pending system that gives you the entire view of your production cycle.

If you made a change in your process, or added an efficient machine, how many resources did it save you per one unit of your product? Stumped? Guessing? Ever wish you could implement "what-if scenarios" in your production process and know immediately if they worked?

Not only can Intensity Monitor tell you, it can tell you in real time.

Intensity Monitor also tells you how it varies over time. Using historical data, Intensity Monitor will alert you when one step in the manufacturing process creeps out-of-bounds with regards to expectations. Expectations that were derived statistically within Intensity Monitor.

Then use Cantech Energy's consultants to help you improve your energy per production through low or no-cost energy savings measures and process improvement. Intensity Monitor will show you before and after, confirming the savings for you and that rebate from your utilities company.

Accurate Data > Knowledgeable Decisions > Energy Savings

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Real Time

Know what is happening across your entire production facility, in real time. Intensity Monitor uses its own data connection to continually report energy and production every five minutes, during your entire production cycle.


Get alerted whenever one step in your production cycle operates outside of its expected efficiency, by producing less or using more energy. Get Cantech Energy's expert help in improving or fixing inefficiencies in production.


Look back at your production efficiency throughout the time you have the Intensity Monitor tool in place. Use our reports to help you make critical decisions. The faster you can make a decision, the more money you save. We know that.

Change Analysis

Have an idea how to improve your production process, but not certain if it will work? Use the "Events" feature to mark a point when you make the change. Then, immediately compare the before and after effects using the reporting features.


Intensity Monitor scales to any web browser on any device. No apps to download or update. Just go to and see your production systems from wherever you are at.

Easy to Use

We put a lot of focus on design. We believe a well designed website should be usable with the least amount of instruction. If you're confused, then we're not getting it right. Also, navigation should be intuitive, customizable, yet highly functional and we think we captured that.